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At Support & Connections, we offer a variety of activities which aim to promote and develop wellbeing, teamwork, communication and healthy lifestyles.

We endeavour to provide choice and accommodate individual preferences wherever possible.


Take a look below to see some of the many activities we offer...

Sport and Physical Activities

We hold a variety of sports sessions which are run by a team of qualified coaches. These include basketball, cricket, yoga and music and movement. 

We emphasise being healthy and staying active, as well as promoting teamwork and the value of sportsmanship. 

We include anyone who wants to participate to be able to do so, and adapt various sessions to accommodate need.

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Cook & Eat

Our Cook & Eat sessions enable individuals to prepare and make a meal which they enjoy for lunch. Supporting healthy eating, the sessions are an opportunity to explore different food and recipies.


We provide plenty of opportunities to express creative talents through a variety of seasonal and personal projects. We incorporate festivals and events and use these to inspire artistic flair.

 We practice skills such as sewing, knitting, crocheting and many forms of paper crafts. We also collect, recycle and sell occasion cards as part of our Growing Community Enterprises.



As well as offering a domestic garden service to the local community, we also run an allotment at Melton Country Park, where we produce a variety of organic vegetables.

Individuals are involved in sowing seeds, preparing the ground, planting, watering and maintaining the allotment and surrounding areas. 

This provides opportunities to learn new practical skills whilst enjoying the benefits of being outdoors.

Café & Baking

We run a weekly baking session in which the group prepares baked goods for our café. This provides opportunities for developing food hygiene and gaining experience in catering.

Our Melton based café, The Hideaway Takeaway, is open each Tuesday morning from 9:30am until 1:00pm and enables individuals to gain interpersonal skills and hospitality experience.

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In our workshop individuals learn a variety of woodwork skills, using different tools such as hand-saws, drills and hammers. We produce items to sell, please see our Growing Community Enterprises section for more information. 

We have small group projects where woodworking skills are developed.

We encourage positive risk-taking and the importance of health and safety.

Community Visits

We take full advantage of the local amenities. We enjoy opportunities to explore the local surroundings, including shopping for the cooking sessions, trips to cafes, pubs, and visiting local attractions. This provides opportunity for social inclusion within the local community whilst promoting independence.

Charity Can Recycling

We collect cans which individuals crush, collate, bag and load at Woodside Farm in Saxelbye. This is to support a voluntary scheme with the local Melton Wombles, raising funds for the The Air Ambulance Service.

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