Personal Development & Life Skills 

All of our services have a clear focus on each individual's personal development.


The list below highlights some of our more popular activities that aim to build upon existing life skills in order to make every service user more independent.


While we run all of the following sessions regularly, we believe in the importance of individual decision-making. Because of this, we don't make anybody take part in sessions just for the sake of it. We'd rather spend a little extra time working on a new activity for one person than expect them to do something they're not happy doing. 

Active Adults

Active Adults is our weekly Conductive Education session ran by qualified professionals. 

Our Conductive Assistant leads a group in developing their fine and gross motor skills.

We work with each individual to plan their goals, work towards achieving them, then look back and celebrate their overall progress. 


Community Visits

We take full advantage of the local amenities around our Melton Mowbray base, taking groups and individuals out into the community.

Community visits can include shopping, trips to cafes or restaurants, or to experience local attractions.

We use these community visits to help build our service users' confidence when out and about, as well as promote their independence and work toward them being comfortable enough to perform tasks such as shopping on their own in their everyday lives.

Cooking & Baking

We run many cooking and baking sessions over the week for various reasons. 


First off, every Tuesday's baking session provides the sweet treats which are sold at The Secret Tea Room on Wednesday morning. This allows the same overall benefits as The Secret Tea Room, and also hones each individual's transferable cooking abilities.

Throughout the week, we also run catering sessions that result in service users making lunch for themselves and others. During these sessions, the groups choose a recipe that they wish to follow, utilise our community visits to shop for all the required ingredients, then create their meals.


We believe that this is probably the most valuable life skill that we promote, as it allows a huge degree of independence that our service users can make the most of in their everyday lives. 


We run relaxed craft sessions throughout the week as a chance for our service users to express a little creativity.

Our craft sessions are either focussed on seasonal or year-round projects. Year-round sessions include our Crochet & Knitting Club, which has seen us donate blankets to Leicester Royal Infirmary, as well as cushion covers and recycled greetings cards. Our seasonal craft sessions are decided upon by the group whenever a specific holiday is upon us.

These sessions promote self-expression and letting off some creative steam, in a laid-back environment. The seasonal based crafts also help individuals work on their planning skills. Through our Community Interest Company, we even sell items and distribute the profits evenly.



Our drama sessions are also focussed on allowing a creative output for our service users.

In these sessions, we have various group-based activities that focus on each individual's self-expression, team building and bonding with one another, and work on developing confidence.

There are never any wrong answers, and we really try to make sure everyone gets the chance to let their hair down and have some fun.


ICT Skills

Through regular computer-based sessions, we try to educate individuals in areas they may otherwise be unfamiliar with.

We utilise several online marketplaces as part of Growing Community Enterprises, and also regularly update all of our social media pages to let everyone know of any news or events.

This exercise allows our service users to develop practical computer skills that will aid them in their future, as well as nurture written communication skills that may otherwise not be a focus.



We offer a multitude of different sporting activities throughout the week. We believe in the promotion of a healthy and active lifestyle.

With access to Syston Northfields Tennis Club and their team of professional coaches, several multi-sport sessions, regular inclusive swimming sessions and even our own football team, we place a big emphasis on staying active.

Not only do these activities keep our service users healthy, but they also instil values of teamwork and sportsmanship that can be transferred into everyday life.



As mentioned on our list of Growing Community Enterprises, we have a specialist woodwork shop within our Melton Base that we use to create seasonal, year-round and even commissioned projects.

Through our Community Interest Company, we sell any and all items created in the workshop and distribute the profits between those who put the hard work in. We believe this builds an understanding of working to fulfil a client's needs, teaches the value of hard work and allows for experience in a busy working environment.  

It also develops practical skills that can be transferred into many other aspects of life.