Growing Community Enterprises CIC

Growing Community Enterprises is our registered Community Interest Company. It allows our service users to gain practical work experience, to better understand the world of employment, and to profit from their hard work. Members of each project work together to develop their enterprise, deliver their goods or services, take their fair share of the proceeds then choose how to reinvest the rest. 

The list below shows our current enterprises, but we are always looking for new opportunities. 

The Secret Tea Room

Every Wednesday, Syston Northfields Tennis Club transforms into our quaint little cafe, know as The Secret Tea Room.


Here, the hard work from our baking and cooking sessions pays off, as members of the public flock to sample our tasty treats. Our menu includes hot and cold drinks, handmade soups and a range of baked goods.

This offers a perfect opportunity to learn catering and hospitality skills, a chance to develop interpersonal skills and to get some real-world work experience.

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In our workshop within our Melton Base, our team of budding carpenters work tirelessly on a range of bespoke, handcrafted products.


With items small and large, from bird-boxes to picnic benches - and even the odd one-off commissioned piece - being created every week, this enterprise allows our service users to see their hard work take shape into something that can benefit others.

This offers a perfect opportunity to learn practical and DIY skills, a chance to develop business and negotiation skills and to get some experience in a busy working environment.

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Gardening Services

 Our gardening and horticulture groups take on a range of projects which benefit both the general public and the rest of our very own enterprises.


Our domestic gardening service allows for hands-on experience in working to provide a service for a paying customer, and gives our service users the opportunity to develop practical skills as well as understand the value of a hard-earned wage. 

The maintenance of our allotment and vegetable plots offer an opportunity to hone these horticultural skills and allow Support and Connections to be a little more self-sustaining and environmentally friendly. 


Ecommerce Store

We utilise several online marketplaces to sell donated goods - every aspect of which is the responsibility of our service users. 

Taking pictures, crafting detailed descriptions, creating listings, packaging and posting items and making sure people receive their payments is left to our dedicated team. 

Through this exercise, individuals are not only learning valuable ICT skills (which you can read more about here), but are also developing written language and communication skills, business and administrative skills and even basic money management.


Craft & Book Shop

Our headquarters in Melton Mowbray allow us the chance to sell goods directly to the general public. 

Through the sorting and cataloguing of all our books, to the pricing and sales thereof, our service users are able to develop organisational skills and work on their customer service, with the aim to make each individual more independent and confident around others.

The handcrafted items that we sell have all been designed and created by our regular arts and crafts groups. They work on seasonal specialities as well as year-round projects. Selling these develops the same customer service, independence and confidence as the book shop, with the added benefit of seeing their hard work appreciated by paying customers.

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Cleaning & Ironing

Our cleaning and ironing services allow our service users to develop valuable transferable skills for their day-to-day lives.

Not only do individuals take responsibility for the facilities and their laundry created within, but we also provide an ironing service for paying customers.

This allows the development of customer service skills, the understanding of responsibility and a chance to use what they've learnt in their home lives.