About Support and Connections

Since being established in 2012, Support & Connections have been providing unique day services to countless individuals with a range of needs across Leicestershire.

Our founder, Tony Howlett, had many years of experience in both private and public social services for adults with disabilities and learning difficulties, but understood that many needs were not being fulfilled. This led him to create a day service that puts people first, and focusses on their personal growth and development. With each individual's needs in mind, he worked on personal strategies that constantly developed their life skills, social skills and employability skills as part of a full day of interesting and stimulating activities. 

In 2013, Tony went on to establish Growing Community Enterprises, which allows the people who use Support & Connections' services to profit from their labours. GCE sees woodworking projects sold to the general public, a pop-up tea room staffed by service users, and plenty more - with everyone getting their fair share of the proceeds.

As of 2019, we have expanded across Leicestershire, and provide services to many more people. We are constantly expanding the opportunities that we're able to offer and all of the projects that we currently run. 

What We Do

The full list of the services and activities that we provide is available here.

In essence, we provide a multitude of different opportunities for every individual person. Our services aim to introduce or develop upon existing skills that aid in day-to-day life, while also being stimulating, interesting and fun. 

For example, we run catering sessions that encourage people to decide on their own recipes, prepare and cook their own meals and even provide food for other service users. We do this to promote independence, in the hope that everyone can go home and cook for themselves and those around them and begin to rely less on other people. 

Our highly-qualified and experienced team of staff allow us to provide flexible care and support solutions. We take individuals and groups out for community-based support. We can provide 1:1 care for those with more complex care and support needs. 

We operate Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm. We only close for Good Friday, Easter Monday and over the Christmas period.

Where We Work

We currently operate out of facilities in Syston and Melton Mowbray. 

Our main base is in Melton Mowbray.


Here, we have our own building that has been specially adapted for our most popular services. As well as being our head office, we also have space for woodwork, catering, arts and crafts, drama, computer based activities and even a bookshop! 

We also have an allotment, use of tennis courts and utilise the local town centre for community-based activities.

Our other facilities are located in Syston.

Here, we have use of Northfields Tennis Club, which is not only perfect for all manner of sports, but the pavilion allows us to perform other popular activities such as baking. Every Wednesday morning, this site is transformed into the Secret Tea Room, which is staffed by our service users. 

We also have a small unit on The Halfcroft Industrial Estate, which is used for woodworking projects. Here, bird-boxes, benches, planters and much more are crafted by hand.


Again, we also take advantage of the local amenities, such as the leisure centre.

Why Choose Us?

Put as simply as possible, what we do is different.

At Support and Connections, we treat everybody as an individual, and put their needs at the forefront of the service we provide for them. 

We view everyone's care and support needs, how we can help them progress, what objectives they can work towards and what they're hoping to get from us. With all this in mind, we can cater specific services and activities that not only best suit each service user, but promote their independence and work towards their personal development.


We never do things for the sake of it, and we don't make anybody do anything they don't want to. Everybody has the freedom to make their own choices, and we pride ourselves on empowering people to make those choices. We can make adjustments if activities aren't suitable, we can provide new opportunities for specific individuals, and we can genuinely make a difference in people's lives.

Visit our Contact page to get in touch, for an obligation-free chat or to arrange a taster day. 

Support and Connections is a Limited Company, Registered in England and Wales, #8294543                                                  © 2019 Support and Connections Ltd.